What is a 201 File?

The 201 file is a record also known as the OMPF or Official Military Personnel File. It is a folder of documents maintained by the military for each Service Member. It contains the following documents:

  • Promotion Orders
  • Mobilization Orders
  • DA 1059s, Service School Academic Evaluation Reports
  • MOS Orders
  • Awards
  • Transcripts
  • SGLV 8286, SGLI Election and Certificate
  • NCOERs and OERs, Evaluation Documents
  • Your DD-214

The 201 file is a record of your military service and contains documents that are important for proving your military service. It is fairly common for the military to lose or misplace your 201 file or pieces of it, therefore it is very important that you maintain copies of your 201 file and everything in it. You can request copies of your 201 file, but this will cost you betwen $15 and $50.

Be sure to keep your 201 file in a safe location, especially your DD 214 which determines your eligibility for VA loans and other military service benefits.

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